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I have had the privilege of working with Ben Lang since 1998. We started with a simple web site and have expanded to many different products and services. Ben listens to his customers and their feedback. That input has helped him build an excellent product line as well as a great cooking school for smoker cooker enthusiasts.

As the business has grown, we are getting more and more customers buying larger units for restaurants, catering and competition. Some use their cooker(s) for all of these. We have developed a new area in Lang BBQ Smokers® to help folks that are considering starting a business with a Lang smoker cooker. We are going to feature folks that have accomplished this and the hints on how they did it and what unit(s) are doing it for them. Many of our clients have multiple units. Billy Durney, Home Town BBQ in Brooklyn has 9 or 10 -108s. He may have more by now.

We get a lot of feedback from folks who need some direction and what is the right unit. We are going to provide that to you in this new area. And to top it off, you can always give Ben a call to discuss it. Customization is very important and that’s what Lang does all the time.

Jim Mahlmann
NetCetra LLC

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