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Brunswick, Georgia is located on a harbor of the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 40 miles north of Florida. The Port of Brunswick handles approximately 10 percent of all U.S. roll-on/roll off trade—third in the U.S., behind the ports of Los Angeles and Newark. The city also contains the Brunswick Old Town Historic District.

National Register of Historic Places


Located in this historic city is, Side of Southern, an amazing barbeque business serving up fantastic delights to customers. Josh Waters, owner, took some time to talk with us about his business.

Lang: How did you come up with the name, Side of Southern?

JW: Josh reminisced for a moment and said, I was visiting my wife’s family in Georgia. While I sat in the hotel room, I started thinking of names for my barbeque business. Since I’m from North Carolina and have moved all over the southeast. Along the way, with everyone trying my barbeque at some point or another, I always enjoy the look on people’s faces when they enjoy it. And so, I was, you know, thinking what side of southern sounds good, to have it all make sense.

Lang: Do you use a slogan of some kind to describe your barbeque?

JW: Yes, our slogan is, Filling Every Occasion with Great Food and a Side of Southern.

Lang: What was the motivation to start this business?

JW: It all started when I was young, cooking in the kitchen with my dad. But it didn’t fully take off for me until I was about 22 and moved to Florida. Everyone was asking me to cater events and special occasions, and I realized that I must have something here, so I embarked on this adventure.

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Lang: Do you have a partner?

JW: It’s just me and my family.

Lang: What would you say makes your business unique?

JW: I think the fact that I’m a full-time kids pastor as well as having a barbeque business. It certainly helps being a people person as well as the many connections I make on Sundays and Wednesdays at church.

The Hulk Burger

Lang: What have you found to be the most challenging factor about running your business?

JW: I would have to say most recently, it’s the cost of meat, supplies and keeping things stocked.

Preparing jerky

Lang: Do you have a restaurant or food truck?

JW: Currently I do not. I would love a food truck one day, if/when that time comes, I can’t wait.

Lang: How did you go about starting the business?

JW: The idea started back in 2017 in the Days Inn hotel in Pooler.

Lang: Can you share some detail about your business?

JW: We are your caterer for all your event and barbeque needs. No matter the occasion, we provide great food, with a little side of southern!

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 Lang: What pitfalls didn’t you expect when you went into business?

JW: The beginning was tough, getting individuals to trust your catering at their wedding or event. Building a reputation.

Lang: What would you recommend to someone new getting in the business?

JW: The RCN method: Research, Connect and Network.

Lang: When did you first purchase a Lang (What model and why)?

JW: August 2021, Lang 36 Patio with the fixed wrap around prep area, 4 Turf pneumatic tires and swivel front axle.

Lang: What Lang(s) are you using currently and in what way?

JW: Lang 36 Patio, I use it for catering, as well as special events in the community.

Lang: What features do you find most useful in your Lang?

JW: I love how it holds temperature like a champ. I have had cheaper smokers and I thought man, these things are amazing and well, once I did research and watched others buy a Lang Smoker Cooker, I thought man, what is the deal with this Lang, and now I know!

You’re gonna need a bigger napkin

Lang: What’s your take on Reverse Flow?

JW: I love it, I love the whole design, I have used cheaper reverse flow, but it would always burn meat closer to the fire box, but with my Lang, it is well manufactured, and I love it.

Lang: What is your main goal as a chef?

JW: I just want to be known as the guy with a great personality, who loves food, Loves God and loves people!

Lang: What are the favorite meals you like to prepare and why?

JW: Pulled Pork, Ribs, Chicken wings, Chicken leg quarters. I love these because they are what started this business for me.

Lang: Do you participate in competitions?

JW: I currently am not, but I would love to one day.

Lang: Do you have any thoughts on the barbeque community as a whole?

JW: It’s a tight knit community of guys and gals who all share the same passion and drive, and everyone helps everyone.

Lang: What type of wood do you favor when cooking?

JW: After much research, trial, and error, I love using post oak.

Lang: Can you share a recipe with us and include a photo as well?

JW: The recipe that started it all- our signature Redneck Mac and Cheese.




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